I am always looking for extra programming work, and would love to help any of you with your products. As I have mentioned before, I built the website, game, and animations for LargeDogVRStudio, as well as setup and secured the webserver and website.

It does not matter the time frame of work (freelancing or regular job) I am interested in all of them.

It also does not matter what type of job skills you need, I have experience building websites and securing them, setting up and securing servers, building games, building desktop programs in a variety of languages,various encryption algorithms, cryptocurrency, etc.

I also have my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and you can check out my senior capstone project on one of my websites at DNS Champion

Here are a list of my skills, if you want to talk about a project or want a detailed resume, please use the contact form to contact me.

  • X86 - X64 Assembly - 4 years
  • Bash - 2 year
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - 4 years
  • Bootstrap framework - 2 years
  • C and C++ - 8 years
  • C# and VB.net - 14 years
  • CSS - 3 years
  • Encryption algorithms - 4 years - You can check out my AES-256-GCM File Encryptor I made for my bitcoin paper wallets on my website at ZMH Tech
  • HTML - 14 years
  • JavaScript - 14 years
  • jQuery - 4 years
  • MySQL - 4 years
  • MongoDB - 4 years
  • Node.js - 3 years
  • PHP - 8 years
  • Python - 2 years
  • Securing webservers,databases and websites against attacks - 5 years
  • Unity - 2 years

Large Dog VR Studio

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