Large Dog VR Studio has officially launched!

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Well its official, LargeDogVRStudio has finally launched! I spent the past seven months working hard on this website and products.

So far as of now I have only finished the high dive 5m - jump animation. The way the high dive animations will work is when I release a series (5m, 10m etc.) I will create 4 variants of the jump. These will include jump, dive, back flip and front flip. When a series is released the next videos in the series will be released two weeks after the first video. The order of the series will be jump, dive, back flip and front flip.

I am also working on other animations but they are not completed yet.

As far as the VR Game, it is almost complete. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can release some gameplay video, and maybe a week after that it will be for sale on the website. I can't say what the game is yet, but it is something everyone would want to play.

The current roadmap for LargeDogVRStudio is going to be in the next month or two to launch more of the High Dive Animations series, as well as launch the first VR game. This will give you time to vote on what the next genera of the next VR game should be. You can vote for this here. I then will announce the next genera of the game I am going to build and will get started making the game.

Don't forget to follow LargeDogVRStudio on Facebook,Twitter or Youtube to keep uptodate with all of our newest videogame and animation releases! It is good to follow on Twitter or Facebook and Youtube, since whenever I post something new or release something new on my site, I post it on Twitter and Facebook as well. I only post the animation releases and video game play on youtube.

Well, that is all for now. Keep checking back for exciting new content.

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