5M High Dive - Jump animation is complete

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High Dive 5m jump

Our first animation is finally done. This is the first animation in a long series of animations called the High Dive. The High Dive is basically an animation that I built using blender, that will walk up a high dive platform and jump into the pool. This animation series falls right into the reason why I launched LargeDogVRStudio, because it is something I have wanted to try, but never had the time, to try it. It is also something a lot of people would never consider trying in real life but they may think it could be a lot of fun because c'mon jumping off a high platform into a pool sounds like a lot of fun!

The high dive animations will probably be 5m,10,20m,23m and then a few more until 60m, since when researched this seems to be the highest you can jump safely into water.

Every part in the high dive series of animations will have four variant jumps: jump, dive, back flip and front flip. When I release the first animation in the series, the next one will be released exactly two weeks from that day, (so check back in two weeks for the 5m dive).

I have made sure that these will run on any pc or mobile VR device and have tested it using the vive and google cardboard. I have also rendered them from 720p - 2160p resolution so old phones should be able to run them as well. I have posted them on Youtube as well as on my website so you can download them.

I have wrote a tutorial on How to watch animations so make sure to check that out if you need help

Well, that is all for now. Keep checking back for exciting new content.

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