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We are a virtual reality studio that focuses on creating realistic video games and animations. Large Dog VR Studio creates realistic VR games and animations, with more of the focus towards games. When we say realistic, we mean that every game and animation that we will create, will be something you can do in real life.

Why Large Dog VR Studio is unique

The reason this studio was created was because their is a huge potential for great experiences, whether they are in game or animation format, from the recent technology of VR. The theme of this website is realistic games and animations, because I noticed that VR can bring new experience to people, who may never get to experience those things in real life, because of financial limits, skill limits etc.

For example, we will take the first animation we released, which was the high dive. You could do the high dive in real life, but most of us probably have not, and probably will not. It could be due to a lot of factors, but the point is, with the VR technology and Large Dog VR Studio this is now possible, and everyone can experience what diving off of a high dive would feel like in real life. Another example is the baseball game. This game was created to have fun, but also as a training device for baseball players. Baseball players now have the ability to practice their batting, pitching or catching skills in their home no matter what time or weather condition.

These are the two main goals of LargeDogVRStudio

We want to bring experiences that you probably will never experience in real life but theoretically could, to you.

We also want to bring experiences to you that you may have already experienced and they were lots of fun, so now you can experience them anytime you want to.

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