Their are some things you need to make sure your headset has, but it really depends on what you want to be able to do with the headset. Please note that our animations will work on any of the headsets described below, but are video games only work with the HTC Vive.

Basically their are really two different types of VR headsets. One type is cheaper, and just has the headset and the lens, but no screen. You then put your phone into the VR headset and the phone acts as your screen. These headsets are good if you want to watch our animations as well as any other VR video, and if you want to play mobile games in VR. These headset will play all types of videos (360, 3D SBS, 3D OU) as long as your phone can run these types of videos. These headsets can not connect to the computer and play computer game (and any game we make).

The second type of headsets that are available to purchase, are much more expensive and can do everything the first type of headsets can do. They can also connect to the computer and play video games.

The first type of headsets can cost anywhere from $5 - $100 with around $30 - $50 being the best in my opinion. If you do decide to buy this type of headset, make sure you buy one that has an OK button or an action button on it. Some apps will not work if you dont have this button. Also make sure your phone is compatible with the headset (check the length of the phone) before you buy the headset.

If you decide to buy the headsets that can connect to the computer and play videogames, make sure you buy the HTC Vive because this is the only headset that can play our games, and this is the most popular gaming headset.

If you want to play our games you will need a HTC Vive and a computer with a decent graphics card it in. You can run a test from steam to find out if your computer can work with the HTC Vive at Steam's Website Each game we produce has a system requirements tab, so you will be able to see exactly what you need in order to play any of our games.

If you just want to be able to watch VR videos and animations then you can use the headset that connects to your computer, or for much cheaper you can buy a headset that uses your phone as the display. You need to also have a phone that was made recently.

To check if your phone is VR ready, download a vr player from your phones app store. Then download one of our animations from our website. Then put the animation on your phone and try to run it in the VR player you downloaded (make sure the settings for our animations are 360, and 3D OU). If the video playback is choppy or is just black, then try a lower resolution. In my opinion any resolution under 2k is not worth running in VR, so if your phone cant run our 2k animations, then you may need to get a new phone.

It depends on the headset you have purchased. If you have a headset that uses your phone as the display, you will not be able to play our games.

Please refer to the Tutorials section of our website, to watch a detailed video of How to watch animations on any VR headset, and How to install our video games.

You can purchase our video games directly from our website! All you need to do is create an account on our website, and then click on My Account and then Video Games Dashboard. From there you will be able to purchase any of our videogames using PayPal or bitcoin.

Once you have purchased a video game, please watch the How to install our video games tutorial on our website, so you will know how to download, install and play your new video game.

Their are five main reasons why our videogames are not on steam yet.

The first is because of their fee for each video game that you sell. We figured that if we sell the video games directly from our website we will make more per sale. Because of this we can sell them at a lower price than if we sold them on steam. Selling our games directly on our websites means you will pay less for them, and we will get paid more since their are smaller fees. This in turn allows us to have a bigger budget for the next video game we create.

The second reason is because we can give the consumers a lot more options and integration when selling the video games directly our my website. For example we currently allow consumers to buy our video games using PayPal and Bitcoin. We know that most people who are playing VR games right now are pretty tech savy, so we thought that an option to purchase games using bitcoin would be a great idea.

The third reason is because we are able to built a community when selling our games directly. For example we have many contests where one can win a free video game voucher. We also have leaderboards that will show the top players on our website. Sometimes we will have votes as well, where players can vote on what game they want to see us build next or any other thing.

The fourth reason is because I can create a blog and actively inform my followers about the status of an upcoming game or animation. I also use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so make sure to follow me on those as well.

The fifth reason is because we are able to offer a personalized customer service. How often is it that the guy who created the website and the video game will email you back when you contact-us. I feel it is refreshing to know that if you have a problem your going to get it resolved by someone who runs the website and not a customer service agent.