Why LargedogVRStudio Is Unique

Realistic Games and Animations

Every game and animation that we will create, will be something you could do in real life, but can not, due to money, skill, danger etc.

Multi Platform Support

Our VR Games are designed to run on Windows, and our animations should run on almost any platform, (computers, smartphones etc.)

Community Based

We regularly have contest and opinion polls for our games. We also have a blog, so you can keep up with our production of our games and animations.

Great Customer support

If you have any problems, purchasing or installing a game or watching an animation, you can talk directly to the guy who created this website, games, animations etc. (Isn't that a nice change!)

Lower priced games

Since your buying directly from our website, we can sell the games cheaper.

Multiple payment options

We accept PayPal and Bitcoin. You can also use a credit or debit card through PayPal without having a PayPal account. I do also accept some altcoins, so if you want to pay with altcoins, just use the contact form.

Easy Installation,free updates, file patching system for downloading updates

Purchase a game, download the files and start playing. Once you have purchased a game, all updates to the game are always free. We have implemented a file patching update system, so you only have to download the updates, not the entire game again.

Extensive Tutorials for all games

We have create extensive gameplay tutorials for all of our games, so you will know about all the features the game has to offer.

Game play videos for all games

All games have my recorded game play video on their page in 2160p - 4k - 60fps. I have also recorded them at 4k - 60fps in 360, which will allow you to watch the videos in your VR headset. These game play - tutorial videos will give you a chance to see if the game is fun to you, before you purchase it.

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